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A brief guide for creating better landing pages

Landing pages are web pages that your visitors land on or stumble upon when they click on an ad or related link. Once a visitor has stepped onto your landing page, you need to grab his/her attention quickly or the person is likely to move on to something else that seems more interesting. Your landing page is often the first and the most important step to convert a visitor into a customer. Countless businesses have achieved major stunning by coming up with landing pages that are catchy and appealing. On the other hand, even deserving companies have lost on number of conversions due to poor landing pages.

If you have already invested in PPC ads or if you think your current landing page is not producing the desired results, then you need to know the best ways to create a good landing page or remodel an old one. Here are some of the best practices for creating effective landing pages:

  • Make sure that your landing page’s primary headline matches the ad that the visitors clicked in order to get there.
  • Your call-to-action (CTA) message should be prominent enough. Place it in a position that is easily visible.
  • In lead gen forms where the call-to-action message is placed below the fold because of a long form, point the directional cue down to direct users to the button at the bottom of the page.
  • Implement directional cues for directing the attention of your visitors to your CTA, such as arrows or videos/photos of people pointing or looking at your button.
  • Keep the product or service that you want to present to your customers in full highlight.
  • Get rid of all the content that you consider unnecessary; make sure that your landing page is concise and succinct.
  • The landing page should have the feature of congruency, i.e. each and every element in the page must be conceptually aligned with the goal and topic of the page.
  • A landing page needs to have a single driving purpose and so it should have one single focused message.
  • You can use videos for digital marketing purposes. It has been proven to enhance conversion by nearly 80%.
  • Show to your prospective customers that you have social presence by symbols that indicate your social status.
  • Present users with a guarantee to remove or reduce risk.
  • Make use of real testimonials as they increase authenticity of a page.
  • Offer free trials and try-before-you-buy scopes to encourage customers to use your product. Nowadays it is quite a standard and widely expected feature.
  • Use A/B testing for testing new ideas; let your prospective customers to decide which messages work best for them.
  • Simplify the look of your landing page by using bullets.
  • Include partner co-branding for increasing trust by association.
  • Partial previews work great when you need to increase the curiosity of prospective customers. This strategy works particularly well if you are launching a book. By letting your readers have a sneak peek, you get to show them that you are really proud of the work that you have done.
  • Segment your landing page by user type. Do not send promotional offers about different types of women’s health products to men on your e-mail list.
  • Segment your landing page by traffic source. Make sure that you send all your email, PPC, organic traffic, banner traffic as well as social media results to other landing pages for improved message matching and measurability.
  • Present your prospective customers with your phone number as well as other contact information like email that allows them to get in touch with you as and when they want. This also gives your company a stamp of authenticity.
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