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A picture is worth a thousand words

Content marketing is a marketing approach mainly focused on creating relevant content for the purpose of attracting audience to increase their engagement. Everyone nowadays uses content marketing to expand and promote their products and services. No business could do well without publicity and content marketing is a form of publicity. It helps business or brand to earn profit and to become a household name. It is an art of communication with the prospective customers without directly interacting. Thus using infographics in your content is more useful than using text content. It is new trend in content marketing, just as images/ pictures speaks louder than words. Infographics forms the base of content development and initializing your brand image. It is the best way to interact with audience by using images, graphs, maps and charts to deliver useful information. Human being a visual creature is more attracted towards pictorial information which activates optic nerve. Thus helps in understanding things in better and efficient way. Infographic utilizes this technique to help clients proliferate and reach more audiences.

It can be used to reinforce a brand name, simply using graphical approach. If you design an interesting infographic with eye-catching colors, shapes, and messages, you’ll have an effective means of “Brand Awareness”. A well designed and informative infographic is more than enough to attract the audience and will help you to get more share, clicks.

Benefits of Infographics

  • Easy way to catch audience attention
  • Helps to increase brand awareness
  • Can make the content go viral
  • Can provide more information than text
  • Can increase search marketing results
  • Can help to get more subscribers and followers
  • Portable and easy way to convey information
  • Makes content more explainable

Every business wants to draw its target audience’s attention. Thus infographic tools are best to be used. According to a research, information delivered through images or charts is more understandable than text information. Thus any information when combined with images, charts tends to get better response. Content marketing utilize the strategy of a picture is worth thousand words to increase business opportunities.


A successful infographics are characterized by:

  • Unique – which means your visual information should be unlike others. There millions of infographic information available on internet that web world web. But in order to grab your audience’s attention this information needs to be specific and different from others.
  • Simple – to get a successful response to your information it needs to be simple and user friendly. And should be specific for your target audience. Simpler your message would be it will be more explainable. The audience will understand the purpose and will get attracted.
  • Creative – your content must be creative and appealing to the audience. The information which is creative and focused gets greater audience attention.
  • Less text, more Impact – the basic point of an infographic is to use a visual medium to attract an audience and create a sensation. So do not spoil it with too much text. The infographic should be eye-catching such that the audience must get attracted towards it. If there is too much text to digest most people will avoid going through it. Use hard hitting informative data and high impact graphics to deliver the one-two punch!
  • Easy to share – Infographics are of great use as they are used to share over social media. And it will not even work if it’s not well enough to be shared and re-shared. And if you manage to create that sharing trend the business or brand is sure to succeed.

It is a unique idea to provide the html code so other websites can display the infographic with a link to the blog post. This is great link base because websites benefit from content that is engaging and attractive.

  • Informative – the visual representation of text doesn’t mean to stuff anything but needs to be more specific, targeted and informative.

Infographics is a pivotal part of Content Marketing. And is considered as one of the best marketing strategy for any business, see how best infographics look like.

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