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Better red or green? A/B testing to the rescue

A/B testing which is also known as split testing or bucket testing is method to compare two version of webpage or app to determine which performs better. In this method data and statistics are used to validate new design change and also improve the conversion rates.

The main goal of the website on the web is

  • Ecommerce website want visitors buying products
  • Web apps want visitors signing up for a trail and converting to paid visitors
  • News and media website want readers to click on ads or sign up for paid subscription

This AB test compares a variation against current experience and ask focus question about the change to your website. A/B testing helps you to make more out of the existing traffic.

What can you test through this method?

You can test almost anything on the website that affects visitors behavior can be A/B tested

  • Headlines
  • Sub headlines
  • Paragraph text
  • Testimonials
  • Links
  • Images
  • Call to action text
  • Content near the fold
  • Social proof
  • Call to Action button
  • Media mentions
  • Awards and badges

A/B testing process

The following is A/B testing framework that you can use to start running tests.

Collect data: – it helps you to begin worth the high traffic areas of your site or app; it will also allow you to collect the data faster. The look for page with the low conversion rates or high drop rate will be improved.

Identify goals: – your conversion goals are metrics that you are using to determine whether or not the variation successful than original version. Goals can be anything from clicking button or link to product purchase and e-mail signups.

Generate hypothesis: – once you identify the goal you can begin generating A/B testing ideas. Once you have the list of ideas, prioritize the ideas in term of expected impact.

Create variations: – using this software you can make desired change to an element of the website or mobile app experience. Many A/B testing tools have visual editor that will make the changes easy. Make sure to QA the experiment to make sure it works as expected.

Run experiment: – you need to wait for the visitor to participate. At this point the visitor to your website will randomly assign to control or variation of expeinence. Interaction with every experience is measured, counted and compared to determine how to each performs.

Analyze results: – once the experiment is complete, now it’s time to analyze the results. With the A/B testing software, it will present the data from the experiment and show the difference between how two versions of the page performed.

A/B testing Ideas

The following ideas to start with the testing, A/B testing is the best practices for what to test can vary by the industry.

  • Media company want to increase the readership, the amount of the time readers spend on their site, and amplify their article with the social sharing. To achieve the goal they might test variation on:-
  • Email sign-up modals
  • Recommended content
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Travel company aims to increase the number of the successful bookings is completed on the website and want to increase revenue from ancillary purchase. To enhance the metrics they test variation of
  • Homepage search modals
  • Search results page
  • Ancillary product presentation
  • E-commerce company increase the number of the complete checkouts, average order value and also increase the holiday sales. The perform following A/B testing
  • Home page promotions
  • Navigation elements
  • Checkout funnel components
  • Technology company increase number of high quality which leads to their sales team and increase the number of free trial users, attracts specific types of buyers. They might test the
  • Lead from components
  • Free trial signup flow
  • Home page messaging

Benefits of A/B Testing

  • Improved content

This process of A/B testing leads to the better website content because the content is valuable. When you generate variable to be tested, you need to create list of potential content improvements.

  • More profitable companies

A/B testing cause organization shifts which increase the profits. Resources are spent on the implementation.

Why A/B testing works

  • Spend more time on the site
  • Click through to additional pages
  • Sign up for more information
  • Make purchases
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