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Designing with pricinples – composition

The composition is probably one of the most important points in the entire graphic design project or campaign that you’re doing. With the right composition you can lead the person to see something first, second and third. With the right composition you can navigate the person through the entire project without them getting lost, confused, and losing an overall interest in the design.

The hard part about the composition is that in a way you have to be the person who will be viewing it. You need to figure out where the images (if there is any) should go, or where should the body text go so your eyes can rest and relax at a certain point. You also need to figure out the contrast of the entire composition because if your entire design has only shades and tones of one color then the entire design will be very dull and boring to look at. These things may sound a bit trivial but they surround us everyday and may give clues why a space speaks to you or not:


Is it horizontal or vertical? Diagonal or Straight? Curved maybe? Straight lines have always been attributed to more modern or contemporary design, whereas curved lines are associated with an older era. Think Queen Anne canopy chairs & arched doorways. Too many straight lines are considered too harsh or too cold whereas too many curved lines are too flamboyant & over the top. Maybe that’s why a mix always turn out easy on the eyes.


Shapes are basically closed lines. A square, a rectangle, a circle. If surrounded by box shapes like sectional sofas & ottomans, then you can break the monotony by using round coffee tables.


Forms are three-dimensional shapes, cubes, cylinders, a ball.


Or better called negative space is the area between objects. If there’s too much area between objects, it’s a minimalist design, less space, more country cottage. Yet some space principles are considered universal, like dining chairs should at least be 4 feet apart from each other. Learned that from my professor the first day.


Can any other element be more universal? Color affects our mood & the way we feel everyday When we think of color, we think of it’s „hue”, it’s name, it’s value, whether it’s light or dark & it’s intensity,whether it’s bright or dull. Muted colors are „in” nowadays. Muted colors are dull colors.


The surface quality that’s seen and feel. Don’t you think it would be so boring if everything was smooth? Or if everything was coarse? A rich-layered look is never achieved without varying textures. The smooth hardwood floors, covered by a soft rug, the suede sofa with cotton pillows & a cashmere throw.

Just like the elements of design, there are certain things that all of us should follow to create a stylish & beautiful space, these are the principles of design. It’s not about getting pieces that are matchy-matchy or making everything so symmetrical. It’s still following your quirky or avant-garde side but in a more cohesive way.

Focal Point

It’s that one element where the eyes are drawn to. An architectural detail, a fireplace, an armoire or a fabulous giant clock.


Creating a room where the visual weight is distributed evenly throughout. Balance can both be „symmetrical” (a credenza with identical lamps on either side) or „asymmetrical” (a sofa with a floor lamp on one side & the other with a side table & framed prints above it).

Scale or Proportion

A big room just won’t look right with small furniture right? It can if it’s a cluster of them (like using 4 small accent tables as coffee table cubes).Big spaces deserve larger scale furniture. Each piece should also be in proportion to each other. A massive dining table need substantial chairs as well.


Rhythm is all about creating a space that visually flows. A serene & relaxing room cannot have details that are too loud or bold.


The components of the room creates a whole. Everything goes together. From the light fixtures, to the wall decor to the area rug. even the littlest details matter, the throw over the sofa, the color and even scent of the candles should come together to create a unified space.

Color & Detail

Color can be warm or color, muted or bold and instantly changes the mood of a room. Details, as you know, is very important to us here at the shop. The little accessories, from your selection of photo frames to vases, candle holders to tabletop decor, it all matters and can enhance the look you are trying to create or mess it up.

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