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Divide and conquer

The online marketing is increasing day by day, as more people are turning here through internet for their convenience and get the huge range for the selection of products.

If you own a website, you have just few minute to grab the attention of the customer. The most common way is simply to go online and list out your products on e-commerce site. It is essential to category the product to make easy for customer to choose what they want.


You are running an e-commerce site, it is possible that you have best products, but if they are not properly organized they will give negative image on the customer. You should always keep in mind; a customer is opting online shopping for its convenience. So is better to arrange the product according to their category. Customer visiting your site should get the product which he/she wants in just one click without spending a minute.

Other strategy to showcase your products is

Rich multimedia product catalog

This is one of the ways to make you product visible, categories and brands in the best light with various multimedia features along with multilingual content. You can even use text, multiple pictures, videos and more to best describe your product. It is very important to organize the information using description tabs.

Make it real with great view

It is the biggest challenge for a web store to present in such as way that customer can picture in real life. Show all the details of the products with the zoom features to make your customer view easily. You can even show the product with embedded YouTube videos.

Product placement

Detail of the product and multilevel category structure will help customer through the product catalog and determine how fast items can be found. This will help you customer to start their search with the favorite brand and type. This technique helps them in finding exactly what they are looking for without any difficulty.

Products are a search result away

Make your customer help with what they want easily. Suggest as you type features allows the customer to search the product using their own words. Then, the search engine took all the content that has been entered and displays the relevant results. Keywords and product codes can be also added to influence the outcome.

Real time inventory

Solution that keeps tracks for your inventory is the real time is key element to get success online. Your customer will be able to buy the products which you can deliver in time and it will help in avoiding many unpleasant calls.

Multiple storefront capabilities

You can increase the revenues by selling the same products through different web stores which is managed in one backend system. This is one of the best ways to target the customer using different brands and product catalogs. The design products and categories can be adapted from one site to other with shipping payment and tax options.

Product configuration

It is very necessary to share the configuration with the customer i.e. the color, length and size of your product. The customer will able to view the options and select from the menus that best suits them. Show the versatility of your products all while reducing the over populated search results by showing just one master product.

Review the review

The customer are the judge and jury for you, you act as the best advocates and worst critics. It’s important to look upon the review given by the customer which will help you in enhancing your business.

Few mistakes to be avoided for show casing the product

  • Lack of detailed information of the product
  • Hiding contact information
  • Long and confusing checkout process
  • Require account to order
  • Inadequate site search engine
  • Poor customer service option
  • Tiny product images
  • Poor shopping cart design
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