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Dos And Don’ts When Planning a Website

Developing a website is a hefty task. You need to lay a secure foundation and apply the right tools and technology materials to ensure longevity of your creation. Keyword research, domain name selection, search engine optimization, and good Web design are some of the vital ingredients of a potential website.



Ensure smart goals

Make sure the goals that you set are measurable. You can expect increased conversion rates, reduced overhead, increased sales, improved brand awareness and generate more leads only if you have a smartly designed site.

Choose a catchy domain

A domain name mirrors the standard of your services to the world. It can either drive away the prospective customers or tempt them to come and look inside your site. Hence, it is important to pick a catchy, memorable, and inviting domain name for your site. Avoid the ones that are easy to misspell or confusing. Keyword-stuffed, long domains aren’t good choices as well. Be very careful when choosing a domain name for your website.

Build a planned website

Do not just start creating a web design without strategizing or planning anything. First, identify your audience and aim of your site. You should also plan for monetization of your site. Make sure you research about the target keywords. Also, it’s important to sketch out a rough draft of your websites so that you know how many pages you’ll have to make and how link one another. Give priority to the most essential information. If you aren’t clear about your site’s goals and purpose, you will always remain unsure of your site’s success.

Stick to open source tools

You could go with a proprietary content management system (CMS) but that means you’re typically stuck with one company and paying hefty license fees to boot. Do yourself a favor and go with an open-source system.

Website should be user friendly

Visitors prefer hassle free browsing. If the relevant information is buried under several web pages then probably it will frustrate the website visitors and send them away. You should aim at keeping your guests happy by developing an easy to navigate and user-friendly website. Use readable fonts, add a menu bar, present vital facts up and front avoid busy backgrounds. Check the usability of your site. If a first-time visitor can’t find info quickly, your website’s navigation needs a change or improvement.

Create a mobile friendly site

Find out about the percentage of your prospective visitors that will use smartphones or tablets to access your website. You can either create a responsive website or consider developing an app or a separate mobile version of your website. Whatever option you choose just be sure that the website you develop works smoothly on smart phones.

Develop your content

Content is one of the important elements of any website. If you will be selling products on your website, get product descriptions and product photos ready. You will need a descriptive content for each service if you will be selling services. Add quality and sensible content to your site.


Making visitors think

If you add the content to your site in an unplanned and uneven way there are increased chances of losing your potential visitors. Visitors want to reach the particular piece of information easily. If the visitors are unable to figure out what to do next to meet their purpose it’s high time that you consider making a change to the drawing board.

Expecting visitors

Don’t expect that your site will gain huge visitors all by itself. Simply building up the site will not bring in any visitors. You will need to employ extra efforts for gaining profit out of it.

Spending all the money without any planning

Don’t spend out entire budget on building the website. You can easily get a professional, well-designed site for a few thousand dollars from a freelance or a professional agency. And make improvements as you find growth in your online business. Initially, it is far more important to have some amount left over for marketing online business so that you can ensure a huge return on your investment.

A potential website is a blend of smartness and hard work of the web developer. Having knowledge isn’t just enough. You should know how to use your expertise wisely.


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