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How to approach website redesign?

To outshine in the online market you need to maintain alignment with “the latest.” Your website is the biggest asset of your online business and it is imperative to update it on regular basis. In this respect, you may also need to consider its redesigning. The best way to ensure your success is to strategize, plan the route, and then hit your goals. Otherwise, you may end up dealing with a tussle. Read on to know about the right approach to website redesign.

Build Strategy

Strategize your ideas before moving ahead. Determine what according to your will help you in accomplishing your goals. You should have good knowledge and clear outline of your aims and goals. To have clearly defined goals you will need to find out about your target audience. Do you want to go after business travellers, leisure travellers or do you look forward to gain more group business, event planners or any other. If you have good understanding about your target audience, you can develop a better strategy.


Mapping your every step not only ensures your success but also turns out things much easier. When planning take a look at your business rivals and discover about their ways of attracting customers. This will help you in determining what can help you stay ahead in the competition. Find out about what you can offer to strengthen your brand’s image in the market. Take a look at the websites of your competitors. You can come across a number of aspects that you will want to incorporate in your website’s design.


Look at your website and examine its visual appeal. Also, consider the previous reports of your site to know about the web pages that receive the most traffic. You will want to add those in your new website. You will also know how far your current site meets your goals with the help of traffic and revenue reports. Keep in mind you will be working with a clean slate for your brand new website. Therefore, it’s important to determine what’s important for the growth of your business.

Draft The Design

Creating a draft of your website’s design is the next phase. You can pull some ideas from the designs that you have seen. You can create a unique design taking those designs for your inspiration. Take special care of the key factors including the photography, the navigation, colour scheme, logos, placement of graphics, and the layout of the text. Focus on adding large visuals to your website. They not only enhance the appeal of the website, but also attract the customers.


The next step is to give life to your new website. It is exciting to see your website go live. However, your job isn’t over once your new website is built. If you want your website to bring huge returns to your business, then it is important to work on updating your site from time to time when necessary with new content, making changes, and monitoring its performance. At the building stage, it is important to ensure that the makeup of your new website is exactly as you planned.


Use catchy navigation headings, while making use of the power of search engine optimization to your advantage. If you want to see your site on a good rank on search engine result page then you will need to work upon its promotion and optimization. Add or remove certain content from the areas if needed. You just need to make sure that you come up with an optimised remake.

Test and Deliver

After building the website, you need to work upon its performance. Keep in mind that good looks aren’t just enough. You need to make sure that your newly launched website is user friendly and works efficiently. You need to optimize and test the newly launched product, to ensure better performance. You may need to add certain missing features or content about your service offerings or anything that you may have missed to promote on your website. Be sure your site offers the experience of smooth navigating to the visitors. It should be appealing at the same time, as you will not want to your customers to get bored while browsing through your website.

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