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How to prepare yourself to have a consultation regarding website design

It is the most difficult job to select a web design agency for improving the look and the user experience of the already had website of yours. It is difficult to understand whether you are selecting the right agency. It is also difficult to gauge whether they will be able to implement your ideas and the effective goal that you want to have into the website to have an effective web experience. What should be done if they insist on using Comic Sans?

If the company that you are trying to hire is the right one then they would definitely organize a design consultation to identify exactly what you want them to implement and the end results that you want. At ta daa! we organize such a consultation meet where we try to know you better and to direct your design direction in the right track.

This kind of a consultation meet may be unfamiliar to you. You can prepare yourself for this meet by doing certain things.

(If you are ready to jump into it then check the checklist regarding website redesigning and ensure that you are really prepared)

5 Methods to be prepared for the consultation regarding website designing

During this consultation, we discuss with our clients what they want exactly in their new website regarding look and feel. We take this first opportunity to know about the frustration with the present design, the ideas that they have and tell them the design concept that we have which will properly represent the brand, how to work with marketing efforts, and the CTAs, and to have a better conversion.

1. The purpose of the design

You must know what you desire from your website to perform for the business goal that you need to have. It should also be clear if you have an ideal buyer persona with which you want your brand and design to work better. You need to understand the audience that you target and know their means of coming to your site and what exactly they want. Communicate these ideas to the design team so that they can work in that respect. You also must tell the team as to what according to you are the most important aspect that you want to communicate through your website. Also make them aware of which pages or articles is getting the most traffic and generating the most ROI and also what you really want from the visitors. We will design your website in that manner.

2. Display the love that you have

Make us aware of websites that you really feel fascinated as regards to design and display. It may be a full page or certain aspects in the site like certain design elements which fascinates you, make us aware of those so that we can understand your taste and requirement. It is obvious that all of your loved features cannot be implemented into your site but we will try to incorporate as much as possible so that the new website of yours turns out to be a beautiful and organized site.

3. Branding your brand properly 

Almost all clients have a logo, style guide or color concept. This style which a company follows is always useful. You should show us the digital image of your logo or any other marketing means that explains your brand. In the case of logo only show us the official logo with the trademarks if any that should be there.

4. Provision of photos

The images of your product, store front and the working staff that you have are resources which are most valued while designing a website. Photos that are not original will not brand your company in the proper manner and can be easily understood by visitors. The original photos along with the contents that will be on your site will bring a human touch to your site and the visitors will really understand what your company deals with.

5. Small details to be focused

There are many small details which need to be on your site and many of them are so important that they can even stop the progress. Below are some of them which you need to consider in order keeping the design process moving:

  • Linkage to all your social media sites
  • The e-mail link that will really help visitors to contact you
  • The business name that must be needed for copyright
  • The number of your phone and the address that you want to be in your contact form
  • The login details for registration if you want the provider to be registered. This is required so that we can make the necessary DNS change.
  • Correct information regarding the current configuration of your e-mail, this is required particularly if your e-mail is on some other hosting service like Google.

By means of this consultation, we introduce you to the process of designing so that you know what to expect and when to expect. We also show you some ways which will make things easier on your part. There are a lot of things that should be covered in a single meeting. By the usage of the above points, you will be able to get the maximum out of that single meeting.

This consultation meeting is the first step but it is defiantly required so that the process of website designing becomes streamlined. This will help to design your site in such a manner that visitors are converted to leads and to more sales within a short span of time.

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