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Responsive Typography

Typography is the art and technique of type design and the arrangement of type, including point size, length, line spacing and typefaces. Typography was a specialized occupation until the digital age, when it opened up to new generations of visual designers. There are many different factors that combine to create a great website and just as many variations on how it will be viewed once completed. one of the most important aspects that needs serious consideration is typography, as the actual words are what conveys most of its importance. This means more than simply picking out a couple of fonts and being sure line spacing is adequate for easy reading. Font use and typography are actually very different things; knowing and understanding about this feature is more beneficial than knowing how to plug in the latest in-style fonts.

Importance of Being Responsive

One of the most important things to be considered when using typography on a creative basis is how to keep the entire design responsive. This is what happens when typography is programmed to automatically re-size and reshape itself dependent on the resolution of the website being viewed. Using this feature is not just important but critical for any website that is created with a design based on type. When this is not done, viewing an internet page at a resolution that is different from the one upon which the site was built will lose the full effect of the typographic design. Layouts created from words, the alignment of those words, and the shapes that such words form will lose all formatting if type has not been coded to be responsive, making the creative effort a waste of time and destroying any functionality that was provided.

More Than Just Fonts

In simple terms, typography is the process of using words to create a visual image on a page without any fancy fonts involved. it is possible and quite popular to use decorative font faces as well as plainer ones; however, the basis of the idea is that an attractive image can be created through word placement, size, color and other physical attributes. When this idea is incorporated into web design, it is possible to create beautiful, highly functional websites that interest a reader and guide them naturally, all with the use of only text. even though many developers say that interest is all in the placement of a few well-chosen images, with this unique use of words, they are the images and do the same job as any photograph or illustration would.

Makes Website Great

By understanding the actual definition of typography, it can be grasped why not only font choice but size, placement, body text, white space and all other aspects related to the readable word are so important in the creation of a fluid, functional website. Just find a really bad example and it is easy to understand how bad typography and the haphazard use of fonts can be so detrimental to any internet location.

Conversely, when one or two appropriate fonts are used correctly, they work with the whole creation and actually become the design. Oversized words or letters can act as focus points while all-caps can be assigned the duty of guiding eyes through menus to anywhere that links exist. Individual letters can be used to create artistic logos and elements that add style to the presentation. These are the many ways that type can be used as the entire website design without the addition of any other cluttering elements.

The main point in creating any website correctly is for it to be remembered. only through recognition do visitors continue to return, participate, purchase, sign up, etc. Design is one of the most critical factors in how a website is remembered and in what way. By using great typography skills and creativity, designers open up an extra chance to make a positive impression that many times stands out from the rest.

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