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Should web and mobile designers switch to Sketch?

Sketch and Photoshop are two of the highly popular applications used by web designers. Photoshop is an outstanding photo editor, but it isn’t reliable completely as far as website designing is concerned. Whereas, Sketch is a young challenger that helps a website designer efficiently, but it can’t replace Photoshop fully. However, the fact can’t be ignored that Sketch boasts more number of punches. To make a better and informed choice, it is apt that you read on this article to have a better idea about the two.

Features and Workflow

Sketch is bogged down to limited number of tools that are essential for a web designer. Because of this reason, the program isn’t slowed down. Absence of nonessential features in Sketch encourages smoother and faster workflow. On the other hand, Photoshop is loaded with too many features that not all of them may be used for web designing by a professional. Eventually, the user ends up with loss of time waiting for the starting, opening of the program, and saving of the files.


Smart Guides


origin: http://www.sketchapp.com/

Smart guides of Sketch allow the user to snap align all of the layers perfectly. The user simply needs to hold down the ‘alt key’ to see the spacing between the objects. On comparing Sketch and Photoshop, the latter will seem like ancient software.

Font rendering


origin: http://www.sketchapp.com/

Photoshop really disappoints the web designers as far as front rendering is concerned. The weight or size of the font appears completely different in the browser on using Photoshop. There is no such issue with Sketch because the use of native font rendering offers more accurate and sharper look to the text.

Number of Art Boards

Sketch has countless canvases. This means you can easily create infinite number of art boards as well as view all your creations at once on using this application. In addition, it is ideal for designing responsive websites where the web designers need to show a tablet, mobile and web version of a page.

Photo Editing Capabilities

Sketch works as a web design tool only. Hence, its photo editing capabilities does not turn pale like that of Photoshop. Although, with Sketch the user can design at 72dpi only, but that cannot be considered its downside necessarily. However, the web designers may need to hang onto their Adobe products, which may turn out to be its negative point.

Colour management


origin: http://www.sketchapp.com/

Web designers can create a pretty, customised colour palette for their each project in Photoshop. This means no more of dealing with default colours. It really speeds up the process and helps avoid confusion. On the other hand, the colour palette of the Sketch is same for all of the projects, which is pretty disappointing. On adding or deleting, a colour from the palette in one of the projects, the same thing will show up in another.

Ease of Learning New Programmes

Learning a new program can seem scary and out of comfort zone in case of Photoshop. Getting used to any new program and creating a new workflow at Photoshop isn’t really easy. Whereas, learning curve for Sketch isn’t difficult this makes it a handy tool especially for the new users. One can easily get familiar with the programmes after two or three uses.

Other Factors

Sketch is more affordable in comparison to the Creative Cloud products of Adobe. Furthermore, the export capabilities of Sketch are another special feature that makes this tool more efficient than Photoshop.

The Final Word

From the listings briefed above, it can be easily concluded that pros of Sketch makes it a lot more worth it tool for a web designer in comparison to Photoshop. You can definitely find a number of programs out there equipped with similar features featured in Sketch. Still the fact can’t be ignored that Sketch offers a number of benefits at pocket friendly price, which makes it a far better tool comparatively. Yes, there are features and bugs that need to be added to Sketch, but these minor problems cannot outweigh the design flaws of Photoshop. This is one of the biggest reasons of rapid growth of the programme in such a short span of time. You are sure to find an improvement in your workflow on using Sketch as your web-designing tool.

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