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Starting With The Best Prototyping Animation Tools

Today, we are going to compare the elite prototyping animation tools available for diverse uses:

  1. Proto.io
  2. Pixate
  3. Framer
  4. Facebook’s Origami
  5. RelativeWave’s Form
  6. Principle
  7. Flint
  8. Hype

Why these eight?

Recreating a heavy animation such has something that moves at different speed and different animation is not really possible with even the newest prototyping packages. Major tools allow connect to static pages, while only few allow you to animate layers or different objects in a single page. Page based tools allows you to use two screen at the same time and also gives different transition options like sliding left and right and fading in. Tools such as Notish, Fluid, Briefs, POP, Red Pen, Marvel etc. are ideal for animation however it does not allow emulation in the best possible way.

Whereas, Layer based tools are swipeable, tappable and draggable along with being animated. Prototyping such a tool is extremely crazy but involves too much of hard work. But they are great for trying tweaking and experimenting new interactions for animations so these are the tools that we are going to try and are explained below:


For many creators, Proto.io is an extremely fast means to create app and animation prototypes. Every feature works by dragging and dropping it and by clicking buttons from the available lists.

  • Mask several areas with ease
  • Select the area that should be in position with the cool animations.
  • Run your prototypes on the Android and iOS apps available.
  • Develop multiple screens in a single project and add transitions.

With IF integration, movement of animations requires the calculations of JavaScript at many levels, use the set of UI libraries, each of them is importable in layers and easy to sync with the Dropbox.


Pixate comes with the aim of changing the mobile apps. Designers can create as well as test their prototypes with ease. The tool does allow experimentation, transitions and gestures. Running natively on the device and get real time updates regarding the prototype.

  • Deconstruct the prototype with the several demos available in the app.
  • Perform and add unlimited collaborations to your Cloud account. Also give others the key to access them.
  • Strikes the right balance between the ease in use and functionality for the people

Use the tool on the browser as it does come with supportability of Android and iOS. Any person can do a lot more than the simpler page based tools are capable of.


Origami is a tool available for designing the modern interfaces and used by the designers at Facebook. Creating a prototype that works efficiently is easier to create a think with the tool available for you. It is not a standalone program but a plug-in to the Quartz Composer.

  • Different patches allow diverse functions regardless of the trouble that you worry about
  • Get about 20fps in order to check the prototypes with great details.
  • Layer are draggable
  • Quite a powerful tool to handle big tasks.

The tool is great and has been used to create marvelous apps like Messenger, Paper etc. It does come with interactive features for making the prototypes along with the plug-in support for Sketch and Photoshop.


Framer is a great tool to create the interactive design from the beginning to end. It is quite popular among the developers offering them more than one feature. Start from the scratch and easily convert your animation prototype into best of the class with ease.

  • The coding language of the tool is well-structured
  • Plenty of examples are there to show the means of using the language for your benefit.
  • Integrated with Sketch and Photoshop
  • UI is a piece of cake for Programmers

With code, it is entirely possible to prototype anything to get novel and groundbreaking designs with ease. Every designer with good coding experience can do much more than anticipated by them.

Form by RelativeWave:

The app is quite young and sums as an inspiration by Facebook and IDEO coming with the top-notch features. The prototype made on the Form by RelativeWave is more responsive compared to many animation prototype tools.

  • Just the send the .form files to client accessible on iOS devices.
  • Make any sort of prototype that contains animations is easy.
  • Runs natively on your device without any trouble.

One can easily use the camera and location of the device on which the tool is used. It is not a single app as one instance that runs on OS X and one runs on the Mac.


Easily make any animated design through the help of Principle app. Create designs that look also feel amazing along with a timeline telling animation changes.

  • Comes with multiple artboards and drivers to accelerate the process.
  • Previews all the process and the changes in the simulator to know shortcomings.
  • Easy and quick video animated GIF creation.

The prototype is open to save it in video and GIF. It does offer a lot of conveniences to the user which is not present in many counterparts. Specify any action from a single artboard to another and change the layout.


Flinto is the perfect app for the people who are desingers and allow them to create single screens made up of interactions counting upto more than a dozen. With the Mac-like interface and easy to use animation tools, there is nothing much to do for making a prototype. Just put the stuff wherever you want to without any trouble.

  • Make your own custom transition in the animations
  • Control all the transition through the direct-manipulation gestures
  • Comes with the transition designer to tweak the transitions

Access buttons, switches and looping animations through the Behaviour Desinger present in the tool. Even the scrolling areas are super-customizable and one can create scroll based animations while using the tool.


Hype allows the developers to create some stunning animated as well as interactive web content with ease. Many leading desingers do utilize it for adding the wow factor and effect in their animations.

  • A project made through Hype is a webpage and easy to send to a client.
  • Create HTML 5 animations with ease.
  • Every animation as well as transition with a timeline runs on specific time

Any person can send it to the client in the form of webpage and publish it directly to the Dropbox. Make as many scenes you want to with ease to engage the viewers and trigger custom effects.

See more on http://www.prototypingtools.co/

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