sobota, 5 Wrzesień 2015

Microsoft Edge

Test your website on Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 Virtual Machine

The new Microsoft Edge is available now for anyone through Windows 10 virtual machines. You can download it literally for every  OS platform.

About virtual machine

Virtual machines supplied  by Microsoft mostly for developers has now made available downloadable packeges that can be used by anyone wanting to test various scenarios for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.

The VMs are available for Hyper-V 2012, VirtualBox, and VMware, which is a great start, but Microsoft has promised new formats are coming. The VMs expire after 90 days, but should give you enough time to test the new OS with Microsoft’s latest Internet browser.

For companies still on the fence about deploying Windows 10, and determining if Microsoft Edge will work in the majority of web compatibility scenarios, the VMs should supply an adequate testing ground.

The Setup requires a more-than-entry-level PC, since you’ll be running two resource-hungry OSes at once. But a virtual machine is well worth the effort, because it means fewer headaches than fully upgrading to beta software or running a second version of Windows on a drive partition. Also, if a VM gets a virus or starts acting weird, you can just delete it and reinstall, assuming it doesn’t contain any important data.

Ultimately, the availability of the latest virtual machine images makes it easier for developers and IT departments to test out the new Edge browser, and is important considering how enterprises may have opted not to update to Windows 10 immediately.

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