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Transforming Interested Customers to Sold Ones

Selling a product is not an easy task and needs good strategy and approach. It is important to make the customer as the central character. Remember, your product or service should help them resolve their problem. Today everybody is sharing their product and service online but the main point is unless the customer sees their needs reflected as the solution.

While it is more difficult online as there is no interaction between the seller and buyer. When a customer arrives at your site he is already interested in the product. This is considered a micro yes and your strategies convert it into macro yes.

Making customers a buying customers

  • Product – you need to have confidence in your product and must do proper research before launching any product. It should be unique and need to speak for itself. And must take customer’s opinion regarding the products. Thus primary focus should be on product quality to get best customer response.
  • Make finding what they want easy –  It is very important to make easy to find what the customer is searching for. If you are running online site, customers is your top priority. Customer wants to get the desire thing in just 3 to 4 click and when they don’t get they are gone. It is important to simplify each and everything so that the customer can easily get the desire product.
  • SEO – Apart from Partnership, SEO is one of the important and easiest ways to reach prospective clients. Benefits of using SEO are acquiring more customers and lowering the cost of acquisition.
  • Guest blogging and Press – it helps to establish high quality leads for business and website. And press is also a medium to build legitimacy when selling products to big brand names.
  • Content Marketing – is a basic strategy of creating valuable, authentic content about your product and to attract the target customers.
  • Offer coupons – Every one love to get the great deal, so every customer loves the coupons. By offering the custom coupons you can get the new sale based on the personalization. Custom coupons should be provided to the every customer that visits the website according to their need. Here is the selection which will bring direct return on the investment while putting smile in the customer face.
  • Customer feedback – customer feedback is an important part of business strategy. As it helps in choosing the right pricing for the product, best feature development and identifying our target audience.
  • A/B testing – rather than depending on guess work business houses prefer A/B testing. It helps to measure how many visitors got converted to user when exposed to various landing portals. And also helps to analyze that how many free users converted into customers depending on various pricing plans.

Key Features

Main points to keep in mind:

  • Make it easy to find what the customer is searching for. As a marketer online experience of a customer is top priority. As it’s a common human tendency if you are searching for some song you will click on one particular site once, twice or trice only. Thus sites should be easy to understand that is simple. Major sites utilize infographics for their promotion strategy. As information delivered through images, charts or maps are more understandable.
  • Make your product a hero this is the basis of sales. Make your customer a central character, their problems as biggest enemy and your product as their only solution. This will help you to move from micro yeses to macro yes.
  • Make your customer feel special, everyone likes special treatment and offer customer coupons. Offer discounts and coupons according to specific customer need, don’t just offer useless discounts. Once a customer starts enjoying your services and products it will definitely become your permanent customer. And will also speak to others about your products and offers. This will help you in mouth to mouth publicity of your product.
  • Track your customer and its need and analyze the requirement. Take feedbacks and incorporate them for further improvement.

Customers are very important in any business – by using different strategies you can convert interested customers into the Sold ones.

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