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Upcoming Web Developer Conferences

Conferences are a great way of gaining more information and acknowledge the hidden facts about a particular thing. They are most than a way of presenting information as they help the attendees to learn from a person that is much qualified than them as well as has better experience in the specific area. A person can get the tools as well as services that can help you to meet the professional goals easily.

Such conferences are highly beneficial for web developers as they are able to get exposure to concentrated amount of great content. Any web developer can explore the new means of technologies and techniques to move ahead in their field of work. In a conference, the developer can connect with people that share the similar mindset and add new members to your team.

After attending a conference, you can also break up the daily boring routine and inspire yourself with new ideas. Almost every week of the month, there are more than one conference organized for people waiting for a breakthrough. The main problem is that each conference does come in places, which might be far away from your current location. However, you can shortlist the ones that close to you and attend them easily.

Here is a list of upcoming web developer conferences in the month of May.


17–25 May 2017
Portland, Oregon

PyCon is short form of Python Conference that is held annually to promote and discuss the programming language of Python. Funded from a non-profit PSF that aims to expand the international group of Python programmers. The conference is divided into multiple ways to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Tutorial Days:

A 3-hour session is done to make the programmers socialize and open with others as well as to learn something new. It will be done on Wednesday, May 17 & Thursday, May 18, 2017

Conference Days:

Acknowledge what is happening in the world of most popular programming language. The attendees are able to discuss their projects with others and make contacts. It is also divided into three stages Scheduled talks, Open Spaces and Lightning talks. It starts on Friday, May 19 – Sunday, May 21, 2017.

Development Sprints:

Get the necessary help for the expansion of your favorite open source project or for the advancement of the Python. Every person with diverse experience levels can help each other. Take part in it from Monday, May 22 – Thursday, May 25, 2017.

Job Fair:

Opportunities to welcoming attendees are offered by companies in the job fair taking place on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from 10:00am to 1:00pm. It is also open for public.



May 18–19, 2017
Nantes, France

AFUP is an organized meeting conducted by PHP for the promotion of PHP language. The event contributes in development of professionals and community coming in the ecosystem of the language. This year, it is being organized through the support of local Nantes PHP users group. In the event, there will be conference cycles allowing the attendees in perfecting themselves.

Everyone can learn about the new language applications and use it in a better way in their workplace. Enlighten your knowledge about PHP with lectures of international guests.



May 18–19, 2017
Paris, France

For getting some great and appealing revolutionary ideas regarding React.js, React Native, GraphQL, Relay, Universal apps, Webpack, inline CSS and more, ReactEurope is a great occasion. The main aim of the event is to allow the people to drive the inspiration from here to their workplace and have fun at same time.

In two days, there will be multiple React workshops under the guidance of Max Stoiber, Brent Vatne, Devin Abbott, Adam Perry, Nik Graf and many more.


Empire City Elixir Conference

May 20, 2017
New York City, NY

Empire City Elixir Conference also known as EMPEX is a series of conference for bringing a sense of visual appeal and fun to the growing community of Elixir. The main emphasis of the conference is to give the technical aid to Elixir programmers. The event is held in an upbeat jazz club accompanied with discussion over the technical matters related to the language.

Passionate programmers can easily enlighten their mind and get to know some breakthroughs for work. The talks are beneficial to know the right way of using Elixir programming language.



May 20–21, 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece

DEVit is a well-known web developer conference held once every year. It has a great mix of motivating vocal talent that contains renowned developers from the world. Organized by SKGTech and SHESHARP that is non-profit organization as well as are local communities.

In the conference, topics like Mobile Software, Web Services, Web Engineering, Front-end Development and Web Development along with many other. The attendees of the event are top of their game and do represent the talent that Southeast Europe has to offer to others.



May 21–24, 2017
Orlando, FL

The focus of AngleBrackets conference is on the concerns like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is an active open source collaboration of Angular, HTML 5, ASP.net, bootstrap, Node.js and other languages. It calls all the programmers to broaden their mind as well as skill set to use.

Any person dedicated to developing and programming can easily know the steps to integrate newer technologies in the conference.



May 22–24, 2017
Antwerp, Belgium

essions that focuses on the developers, IT Professionals, SharePoint Professionals and Data Professionals.

On an average, the conference welcomes about 1500 attendees that is a healthy mix of developers around the world. The organizers are committed to give a conference that is unique in every way.



May 24–26, 2017
Atlanta, GA

On its 12th Annual Edition, php[tek] is being organized in Atlanta. It is a PHP programming language conference also calls as the yearly homecoming of the PHP community. This year, the organizers have come with an offer stating that on the purchase of a ticket for php[tek] 2017 will allow them to get a 50% off discount coupon for the next php[tek] conference in November this year.

It is a great deal to gain knowledge on the conference without any extra money spent. Many developers do love this conference as they give the people to hang out with games to hackathons with others.



May 24–26, 2017
Warsaw, Poland

Front-Trends is a 3 day event organized for front end developers to meet, learn and get inspiration to the upcoming developers. One can easily see the possibilities that do lie for the future web developers for helping them to make something extra ordinary.

See the future prospects in the Computer Hardware and Software industry in the conference. Any group that contains more than six people can get a team discount of 5% for the conference.



May 29–June 2, 2017

Enjoy the 3.5 day of Angular education and bonding in the ng-cruise conference. Due to the release of new version of Angular, the rate of possibilities has risen up and given access to new content to learn. Organized in the center of Miami, you can easily see the best practices and experiments to use the Angular developmental platfInternational PHP Conferenceorm.


International PHP Conference

May 29–June 2, 2017
Berlin, Germany

International PHP Conference is a worldly known event for PHP developers and people invested as well as interested in technology. It is the world’s first PHP conference and collaborates with renowned experts of the PHP industry to meet with other PHP users.

In the conference, the attendees do get the opportunity of meeting the world-class speakers. You can also evaluate your written code if you get the chance to talk to them. Transfer their knowledge to yourself by attending the conference at Berlin.

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