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User Experience Design For Enhanced User Satisfaction

With the advancement of technologies and different methodologies the websites and web applications have become more complex. But the basic things about websites are the same now a day also that is how a user experiences while being on the site. The things that come to the mind of user are is it easy to use, is it giving me a expected response to my interactions. So let us see what exactly user experience is and what are the various features that makes up a good user experience.

What is User Experience?

It is basically the experience that a visitor experiences while he is on the site. This may not only be a site but may be computer software, a web application or as we say in terms of modern technological language Human computer interaction. There are basically four elements that make up user experience. The elements are: Value, Usability, Adaptability and Desirability. Let us see these elements of user experience.

Usability and UX importance

It is the ease with which a user can complete his intended task. There are various hindrances that users face while they intend to complete a task. Let us see some real life examples so that it becomes clear to us.

Suppose you need to dial a person from your mobile phone. But the problem is that person is not in your contact list. You have to dial his number. So you first tap the phone button but no key pad comes out by means of which you can dial the number. You spend some time inspecting the screen after sometime you find the symbol of a key pad at the bottom of the screen. So, you lose some time to find a primary function of the phone this is what is usability problem. This example makes you understand the difficulty you face using software which does not have usability fully integrated.

It is basically the ease with which a user can use the interface.


Though usability is an important aspect but it not the most important. We have seen that there are many sites which have usability integrated but are not good in delivering good business success. For example we can see that people are now using smart phones in place of traditional mobiles but there were some traditional phones which had great usability. So, only usability cannot drive business. The reason for smart phones being used is that they offer more value to users than traditional phones. In a smart phone the user can do various other things like search the web, play games or use GPRs system which in turn is offering value to the user.


You must have seen the Yahoo browser tool bar. It is both easy to use and available to all internet users but unless and until you install it is of no good to you. This is what adaptability feature of User Experience is.

We sometimes see that in order to install an app in our mobile phones we have to go to the mobile app store and then download it from there. This not a very impulsive way of installing an application. Based on the example we can say that adaptability has lot to do with workflow design.


It deals with the emotional appeal that a web application has. Sometimes we see that products have both ease and usefulness but are not successful in the market. A common example is the traditional MP3 player and the iPod. A large part of this aspect of User experience is credited to visual design. We can also see at the home page of Nordstorm.com and eBay.com. From the aspect of visibility Nordstorm.com stands higher than eBay.com but as we all know eBay is a leader in the market. It is because eBay whose business is online auctions have made their website in such a manner that they are able to draw the attention of users more.

The success of the business website depends on the perfect implementation of User Experience into it. There are various tools that make it possible to happen. These tools can be used in combination if wished to deliver the aspect of User experience into your website. Let us see some of the tools.

Turbo Lister

It is a toll that enables you to modify your listing, upload and edit items in bulk to administer your auction. It is a toll that is used by eBay for their site.


This is a toll that lets your user to search their required product even if they type it wrong. This increases the user experience and is also used by eBay in their site.

Usability Tools

By this tool you can see the site of yours from a user perspective or you can directly ask the user the means to improve the service that you are providing.


By means of this tool you can investigate and take accomplishment on live customer data. The information allows you to measure initiatives for marketing. This is used by various companies for increasing user experience.


This is one of the really useful design services. UXPIN allows editors to create interactive wireframes and prototypes. This is so useful a tool that it is used by many sites like IBM and Sony.


This tool is known for the simplicity that it offers. Using this tool you can bring the feel and look as if it is drawn by a pencil. It is used successfully by Connect Solutions and many other companies.

Red Pen

This is the most simplest of design review service. You can point and click to give feedback. All can see the customer comments as they happen.

So, we now know what User Experience is and what the aspects that makes it. We have also seen various tools that help to properly implement User Experience into your web site. Now it is up to you to decide which tools to use and have a great User experience on to your site.

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