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Web Design Trends That Will Lead The Future In 2017

Web itself is an environment which changes and modifies itself to be better. There are trends that modify these changes and push web design to gain new heights. 2016 is nearing end with the new beginning of new year. 2017 is where the real archetype shifting trends of tomorrow lie in wait.

Let us see some of the trends that will shape the future of web design in 2017.

  1. The mobile-first approach

This approach of making a web site mobile friendly is not new but it will change its course. Let us see how. Now the sites are made for the big screen that is for computers and laptops and then they are made suitable for small screen the mobiles. What happens due to this is that not everything is visible in mobiles.

Companies have to cut their information when their sites are made mobile compatible. Now according to the trend the sites will be designed for the mobiles first which will make all information to be seen by anyone in their hand held device. The mobile friendly sites will then be made ready so that they can be seen in bigger screens like computers.

  1. More brands taking up responsive design

The approach of responsive design is not new. There are companies who make responsive web designs but there are many who do not. Those who have responsive design will change the methodology of mobility as told earlier and new companies will start making their unresponsive web sites to be designed as mobile responsive. There are reasons for this to be coming up as trend in coming 2017. Companies are looking into this aspect of web designing as because of a change in Google’s algorithm of ranking.

Google now ranks those sites higher which are mobile compatible than others. So, in order to draw attention of Google, companies will be trying to make their web sites mobile compatible. Another reason is customer behavior. Customers like those sites that are mobile friendly than those which are not. A recent survey has shown that 79% of users switch to other sites if they see that the site is not mobile compatible. So, for these two reasons more brands will be making their sites mobile friendly.

  1. Increase in use of prototyping tools

Rapid prototyping tools will be making its presence felt more in the sector of web designing. These are a must have tools for any web designers. These tools allow the designer to create prototypes of the actual site and to see the usability and aesthetics of the site without even writing a line of code.

The method is quick and it allows creating and launching the site from the tool itself.

  • It helps to save precious man hours and resources. It is beneficial from the client side too.
  • Clients will be able to see the functionality of their web site easily and quickly. There need not be any long conversation to make them explain anything about their site.
  • They will be able to see it for themselves.

So, more companies and designers will opt for these prototyping tools for augmented competence and smooth workflow.

  1. Advancement of UI and UX framework

The popularity of UI and UX patterns usage has made sites to look and perform the same. What it has done more is that their usage has made the web site to be more users friendly. Google’s launch of Material design language has further pushed the usage of these frameworks to make sites more users friendly.

The trend indicates that with further development of these frameworks more companies will be implementing these frameworks to make their sites more users friendly and they will move away from design gimmicks in order to stay in the competitive market.

  1. More authenticity to be implemented

Customers like to have authenticity from brands that they like. UX is the rules in today’s web designing as we can all see. It was like that if anyone would like to show a team meeting they used to show photograph of people seating around in a table. But now users want to know who actually are in the meeting and that is the reason companies are compelled to use bespoken illustration in place of stock pictures.

You can expect to see more usage of great typography. Authentic photography will also be a rising trend. Companies will be paying professional photographers to click the way that they want users to see them.

So, you believe to see companies using all these to make their presence felt in the market more and more.

  1. Advancement of animation

Companies are taking up the method of story- telling to capture more user attention. Animation will be the means to tell the stories. It may be small in nature like showing certain animation while a customer waits for content to load to much bigger ones. It will differ in shape, sizes and usage. It can also be used integrated with scrolling or navigation.

It can be also used as a means of interaction between user and the companies. You can expect to see more and more companies’ designing their sites with animation as a means to story- telling drawing in more customers to their sites.

  1. Video will rule

You know that video can express more than any text or picture. Videos captures users attention more than a static picture or a text. Video will be taking over the site designing means to express their motives for companies. The trend is that the usage of video will increase from 50% to 79%. Companies will try to harness the means of this already emerging means of web design to make themselves more customers attractive in this competitive market.

  1. Change in color approach

Companies previously used to use web safe colors in their illustrations. But the use of super rich color is finding its way into web designing. This helps to attract customers more towards any site and it also sets the trend for companies to get away from the conventional method to a new approach. You can certainly expect to see usage of super rich color displays as the upcoming trend. The usage of color will be more likely used as a means of drawing in customer attention than videos, photography or text.

  1. Cards as UI patterns

Card based UIs is a fundamental principle of Google Marketing Design. Let us know what a card based design is. The design allows companies to show more content in a single page. They demarcate their sites in a page using cards. Customer can select a card of their choice and disregard the other. It is also a very useful toll for making the site mobile friendly.

The trend is that more companies will be suing this means of enhancing UI. As customer wants quick means to reach a content of their choice this card based web design will rule the world. This will help companies to draw the attention of customers and to increase the content number too.

  1. New means of scrolling

You might have seen that previously we had to scroll up and down to go through content or a webpage. This old notion is changing and leading to more effective method of viewing a page. Parallax is taking the place of scrolling. In this methodology a part of the page is kept fixed with all the product description and the other part is scrollable giving more in depth details regarding the products. As more and more contents are being created companies will be taking up a combination of scrolling and parallax to make their site more users friendly.

The world is changing in a rapid space. So, in order to keep itself at par with the changes web designing is also changing in a manner to be fit and acceptable to all. There can be 100 of trends that are coming up and needs to be implemented, above are some of them.

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