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Professional logo design

What does it take to create a professional logo?

Look at any successful business firm and you will find that you can immediately identify them with a unique logo. The success or failure of a business often depends more on a stylish and identifiable logo than you may like to think of. The font, color, image and style of the logo are the various elements that make up a successful logo. While some logos really hit the mark with the end users, others fail to generate the desired response. Many logos correctly suggest the area of specialization of a particular firm. On the other hand, there are logos that hardly express the firm’s area of specialization.

The most important quality of a logo that should be present in order for it to be successful is its uniqueness and distinctiveness. Unless it is able to stand out from a myriad of other similar ones, it does not have a chance of becoming a successful logo. A professional logo designing firm sticks to certain basic design principles while trying to create a unique look for the logo of a certain client company.

Get to know your client

Every great logo stands as a true expression of the firm and its culture, values and people. In other words, a logo is a symbolic representation of the whole company in general. This means that the logo should be able to give an idea of what can be expected from the firm. For any logo designing company, it is impossible to know about these factors without personally knowing the people working behind the name and the logo that they are trying to create. Due to this reason, professional logo designers spend as much time as possible trying to get to know the client and get acquainted with their culture, work ethics and beliefs, and then they inject such ideas into the final logo.

Getting to know the client is such an important part of the whole logo designing process. It helps to come up with a unique logo that perfectly represents the firm, its personality and core values.

Learn about the industry

After the logo designing firm gets to know the client well enough, it will need to learn more about the audience that the company is looking to cater to or the various market competitors of the client firm. By getting to know the audience of the firm, the logo designing company gets to know for whom it is meant to create the logo. For instance, if the target audience is young, then the logo should be a catchy and upbeat one. On the other hand, if the audience mainly consists of tech savvy population, then the logo needs to be designed accordingly.

It is for this reason that logo designers should be clear from the start which demographic they are mainly catering to. This may involve addressing questions such as who are the target users, where they reside, what they usually buy or even how they dress. The logo designing firm also needs to know about the competition and what strategies they are implementing when it comes to logo creation. Since it is important to create a logo that is unique and one of a kind yet is within the sphere of the business itself, it always helps to have a look at what the other companies within the same niche are doing.

Logo application

The next question that needs to be addressed by the logo design professionals is that when and where the logo is meant to be used and how. Logo application is a critical concept as it influences the design of the logo in a great way. For instance, a web based company will perform most of their transactions online and so they will need to use the logo in the digital media. This means that they can make use of the full color spectrum of the logo. However, a company that carries out most of its business offline will fall short if a logo is designed in keeping with digital requirements. This also holds true with large iconic logos that are characteristically placed in definite places of a particular medium. For instance, airline companies have their logos placed on the tail fins of their airplanes.

Coming up with diverse sketches of a logo

It is always advisable to come up with as many possible logo sketches as possible before finally settling on the best one. While a logo designer might be tempted to think that the first design is truly the best, he or she may be surprised at how many better ideas can be generated by simply coming up with a range of different logo sketches. This not only allows the designer to pick his best work but also make it possible for the client to pick up the logo that they think suits their company in the best way.

Working on design drafts

Once the team of designers comes up with a handful number of best sketches, these logos can then be worked on with different vector apps or other illustrator applications that allow in putting all the different colors and embellishments that make the look of the logo even more striking and beautiful. Working on the draft designs will make it even more convenient for the client to pick the best designs.

Refining the logo

The refinement stage involves getting the final logo into its perfect stage. A lot of corrections are made during this phase. Sometimes only a single refinement is carried out, while at other times more than a single idea is experimented with to see how the design is shaping up. Many details and colors or other embellishments are added and removed, until the final logo is decided upon. A number of application mockups are also created as well, just to see whether the logo is going well with the medium it is meant for. Only after much consideration, the final version of the logo is chosen for identity development.

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