Why Should One Give Emphasis On Mobile Design?

In today’s world, in every hand there is a Smartphone or tablet used by people for diverse purposes. Mobile phones have become a crucial part of our lives; those days are done when the mobile phones was a luxury as now everyone can have them. In almost 2 decades, they have moved from being a status symbol to a tool of communication allowed the individuals to do what they do in their workplace even on holidays.

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The convenience offered by them that gives people similar advanced technologies with equal functionality to a desktop that is currently needed. With each ending day more and more people are entering the smartphone and tablet ecosystem, presently the number of smartphone users is near to 2.08 billion, stating that 3 in every 5 people in the world own a smartphone or tablet. It influences our daily life as well as the routine followed by us. In our daily performance, smartphone is an essential component.

Smartphones Help Websites in Generating Traffic

About 80% of internet users are smartphone owners and about 47% of users own a tablet device. Seeing the widespread use of mobile phones, it is important to make a website that is optimized for mobile devices. With the optimization of the website, the services get the platform for catering the needs of the people. Researches have shown that a mobile-optimized site is able to give the person twice the average traffic per user as compared to the sites having no mobile optimization.

Smartphones offers the people easy access of the internet anywhere they want with ease. When a person uses any site on his device, he/she wants it to be perfectly functional with no trouble encountered.

Why A Website Should Have Mobile Design

There are numerous points that show that mobile design of a website can be highly beneficial for the website.

  • Increases Business: As per many studies, on average, 51% the visitors coming to website more likely and prefer doing business transaction with an online retailer that has a mobile site. About half of your website visitors can initiate business dealings with you, if you have a functional mobile at their disposal.
  • Average time on Site Rises: Everything is available online, but the main thing is time. There is a minimum time slot available to websites to grasp the eyes of the people coming to the site. Mobile users are on the move majorly and use the site to get quick information. With a mobile friendly content and pages, the visitors will stay on site for more time.
  • Efficient Mobile SEO: A website is slave to search engines like Google and Bing. If a search engine wants something, the websites have to do it. Google says that the webmasters should build their sites to be responsive and the search engine gives preference to sites that more mobile-friendly. Outrank your competition by creating a competent mobile web browsing site.
  • Lower Rate of Bounce Back: Every second is crucial and countable as soon as a person opens a website. A website should be fully loaded within the first five seconds and if takes more time, then the person might bounce back leaving the site. A 1-second delay in page response can cause a 7% reduction in conversions. A mobile-friendly site encourages people to scroll through multiple pages of the site.

Do More Websites Opt for Mobile Design

Mobile optimization is underutilized and site optimization has some clear benefits. A large number of smartphone and tablet users will leave a non-mobile design website for the one that has it within in a matter of milliseconds.

There are several misconceptions in the mind of people about mobile web design:

  • The website has to be changed for the mobile users
  • A costly and ineffective approach
  • Everything looks good on the big screen not on small screens of mobile devices
  • Mobile device users will like the cramming of content in one screen.
  • Clicks are more used as compared to mobile taps
  • No need to have a responsive website to cater the services.
  • It is not right for each and every website, there are exceptions.

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